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COVID-19 Plan


Covid-19 Procedural Plan


Health and Safety:

Committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and the public at large, Burgmeier’s Hauling Inc. has implemented the following procedures during this pandemic:

  1. All employees are to follow safety protocols including but not limited to:
    • Wearing of personal protective equipment (job dependent) at all times
    • Maintaining a minimum distance of 3 feet of separation between employees and/or customers (social distancing)
    • Frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing
    • Following proper call off procedures with regards to illness
    • Be alert for signs and symptoms of Covid-19, reporting to supervisors if you believe you have had any interaction with an infected person
  2. Customers are encouraged to:


As of this posting (3/18/20) Burgmeier’s Hauling is operating as normal in all of our service areas.  So far sanitation operations have been determined to be essential services in all 3 states of operation (PA/MD/WV) and have been excluded from mandatory shutdown orders.

Understanding that sanitation is an important function for the wellbeing of the public, Burgmeier’s Hauling Inc. is committed to maintaining operations throughout this global pandemic. Now perhaps more than ever before waste removal is a vital function in our communities.

We plan to maintain operation without disturbance; however, as this situation continues to unfold, delays in collections are possible.

We understand now is a time of uncertainty and fear, but we are a part of the communities which we serve and are doing everything possible to continue to do our jobs.  We believe that through cooperation, patience, and understanding we will overcome this situation.

Further questions can be addressed by calling 1-800-491-8975.



Matt Burgmeier
Vice President of Operations
Burgmeier’s Hauling Inc.

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